Jul. 23rd, 2009

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Bruce Wayne will be entering the bar tonight from near the beginning of Batman Begins. He isn't Batman yet and hasn't left to go travelling and find a direction to take his life in. He's just walked out of the parole hearing of Mr. Chill, the man who killed his parents, and is hiding a gun in his sleeve because he's planning to kill him. He is not a danger to anyone in Milliways.

As I've explained to a couple of muns already, Bruce will be coming from movie canon, not from the DC Comic verse. If you want your pup to interact with Bruce and this would affect things in any way, please comment here and we can talk about it. For that matter, any OOC comments or discussion about threads can go here.

Also, for his entrance - if more than one person tags, please lets have only one 'this is Milliways' conversation. Any subsequent threads, we can assume he's been told the rules and gotten over the initial disbelief/shock factor. Thanks.

And please don't hate me if I mess him up while I'm finding my feet with him.


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Bruce Wayne

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