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OOM: X's apartment

Bruce likes X's apartment. Not that there's anything wrong with Wayne Manor per say, but it's hardly what one could call...intimate. It's home, and it's his parent's home, and it's the Wayne house, for all those who don't live there. It means things to different people, whether good or bad. 

For him, it's just a bit huge. Great when he needs space to work out, or build the Batcave, or throw elaborate parties. Not so great when you feel like watching a movie with your girlfriend. Somehow, the movie theatre there lacks the personal touch. It's far nicer to sprawl on the sofa in her apartment, and share popcorn (and occasionally get attacked by cats). 

Maybe Wayne Manor could use a cat. He's thinking it wouldn't make that much difference, though.
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Today's movie appears to be Die Hard. It is important to appreciate the classics.

What is not important, however, is watching the credits.

X stirs, attempting to extricate her leg from Bruce's in order to change discs. It has been a while since she watched the second film, and it seems like a day for more explosions. Fake ones.
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X pauses, body going perfectly still.

She studies Bruce across a very narrow gap, head tilting just slightly.

Then --



"But I will come back."

It's not as if the television is very far, after all.
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X does not smile, though another girl might.

Instead she stands up, slipping barefoot across the floor and crouching down to make the DVD player bend to her will.

She's had a lot of practice.

The cats decide that this change in position clearly means she wants to play.

The attack is swift. And from both sides.
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X turns her head to look at him, half-covered in tabby gray.

"It will be more effective if you skid it along the floor."

They can chase it then!

Perhaps she has observed this reaction in them before.
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"Not for you," X agrees.

Farrah is the first to disengage, darting after the popcorn.

Steve McQueen makes a grumbling meow, but his preoccupation with Farrah's skittering makes him very easy for X to remove from her shoulder.

"I do not think that is relevant."
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She bats it aside with lightning-quick reflexes.


"I -- "

X is not frowning, just regarding Bruce very curiously.

"I am not going to chase it."

You know.

In case he was wondering.
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She moves closer, reaching over and down to take one of his hands in her own, twining their fingers together.

"I do not want you to chase popcorn, either."

Clarity is important.
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"The sequel," X offers. "It takes place in an airport."

Her dubiousness of this premise shows clearly on her face.

Then she slips back onto the couch, resuming her previous position.

Except, of course, that she has not let go of Bruce's hand.
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X studies him in silence for a few moments, weighing this offer.

(She may, of course, also be studying the lay of the land, figuring out the optimal way to accomplish this.)

Then, carefully, she reaches out to press her hand against his chest. Testing.

Just in case his ribs cannot bear her weight.


"You will still be able to breathe?"
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"Tell me," she says, very firmly.

Then, still careful, she settles down so that she can rest her cheek against his sternum, tucking the rest of herself down toward the back of the couch.

It gives her enough leverage to push him to the floor and tip the couch over, should such actions be required.

(It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you.)

But in the absence of armed assassins crashing through the windows, she relaxes, taking a deep breath and making herself comfortable.

It is not difficult. Then, of course, she returns to her previous thought.

"Before you pass out."
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"Okay," she says, nodding once.

Then, several moments of quiet (and deliberate) consideration later --

"But I think a little to the side would be better. For me."


"My bones are not reinforced with adamantium."
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She looks at him, ignoring the explosion on-screen.

"I do not mind being even."


"With you."

It helps, of course, that he is very warm.
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X does not sigh.

She does shift, though, in order to get a better glimpse at his face.

"Do not be stupid."

Which is to say 'no, keep talking'.
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She blinks, looking a little startled.

"I -- yes. I like it. You."


She folds her hands across his chest, resting her chin on them. Just to make sure he is not made uncomfortable.

Then, a little more hesitantly --

"You were not sure?"
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X looks a little startled again.

Some of that has to do with his question, the answer to which she thought was obvious.

The other part has to do with the sudden prickle of the skin on her neck.

Odd. Not bad, just. Odd.

"You can always stay."


"If you want to."

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X gives him a slightly dubious look, in turn.

"Or if you want to stay. I -- "

She hesitates.

"I like when you are here."
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X blinks.


"With -- "

With her.

If he were staying over, of course it would be with her. They are dating.

That is what people who are dating --


"You mean sex."

Well, it makes more sense than him being so awkward about staying the night.

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"No," X says, shaking her head once.


She's still got it propped up on her hands, after all.

"I have had sex before."


"I did not like it."

She pauses here, studying his face.

"You do?"
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X stays silent for a minute or so, looking for words that she feels are accurate.

It is difficult. A little.

"He was not -- "

She stops, frowning slightly.

"It was not like you. And me."

This is accompanied by a slight shrug.

"We did not. Talk. But it was -- "

Again that frown, growing just a little deeper.

"I was not good at being a person, then."

She shifts, taking one hand off his chest and tangling her fingers with his free hand, again. It seems to help.

"But people have sex. So I tried."
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After a long moment X leans up, pressing her mouth to his.

She does not pull away very quickly at all.

"You are good at being a person, too."


"Trying would be okay. I do not think you will make me miserable."

This is said matter-of-factly, with maybe a hint of curiosity at the beginning and the end.

"And I am good at using my vibrator."

Maybe other people are not so different from that? When it comes to how orgasms feel, anyway.

She has nothing to compare it to.
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"You have not yet," she says, very comfortably.

(Well, comfortably for X.)

Her fingers remain tightly twined with his, even as she shifts position a little more so that she can rest her cheek on his shoulder.

She is careful where she puts her knees.

"I am not very worried."
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"We are," she says, nodding once.

This is what we call 'agreement'.

Then --

"But not before we finish the movie."

Come on. It is Die Hard.
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