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OOM: Batsuit

The door brings them, as it usually does, to the main entrance hall of Wayne Manor. Bruce casually takes her hand, and leads her through a door to the East Wing. It takes them through a drawing room, a few smaller ones that all seem to be some kind of sitting room, heading south. Eventually, they end up in a room with a grand piano, and he nods at the wall of bookcases. 

'The cave's down there. You can see later, if you like. I put the suit in one of the gyms.''

For now though, through another door and down a long flight of stairs. The decor down here is cool and neutral, such as you'd find in the most exclusive of private health clubs. He opens an unmarked door, and stands aside to let her enter first.

There's a climbing wall on one side, various blocks and obstacles scattered over the vast open floor. Ledges are cut into the side of the far wall, spaced at such distance that most people would think impossible to jump across. By the door, and stretched along the near wall, is a bench on which various weapons and utilities are laid out. The whole place has obviously been set up as a testing area.

In the corner, the Batsuit stands in its clear perspex case. Bruce glances towards it, and then hits a security number on the door, so they can't be heard, or disturbed.

'I thought we should probably test its manouverability under pressure before setting weapons on it.'

In case, y'know. A gunshot blows a hole through it.

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