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OOM: After Robin

Bruce hadn't said much after he escorted Robin off the premises. He just wanted to go and work out. He's mad at the kid, mad at himself. And doesn't want to think about parallel worlds; alternate versions of himself that might be doing all this better.

It's a hard workout. Running, weights, the heavy bag. Weapons, and then sparring. X is a great training partner, and she's got no qualms about beating the crap out of him when he asks it. It's only when he hits the deck for the twentieth time, and finds he can't physically make it back up again, does he hold a hand in the air.

'Think I'm done.'

His mind's more clear than it was. It can only concentrate on the physical pain he's in. He's glad of it.
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X does not bother saying 'okay'.

She just drops down to crouch next to Bruce, one knee (and hand) within easy reaching distance.

Then she looks over at him.

"We do not have to stop."

You know. If he wants to reach a state of unconsciousness without half-trying.

Or if he is still --

Not okay.
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X absorbs that for a moment.


"That will be problematic."



Like when it's time to eat. Or sleep.
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"It helps me, too," she says, matter-of-factly.

This is the truth.

Then she hesitates for a moment, eventually reaching out to rest her fingertips against his shoulder.

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"You are welcome," X says.

It is always true.

"It was unexpected."


"And confusing."

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"There is another boy in Milliways. Named Dick. Grayson."

The only reason X does not look more bewildered is because her home universe is Marvel.

"He is younger. Thy do not smell the same."

That is the most convincing part for X. It takes a moment to remember that for other people it is usually different.

"And he does not look the same. Except when he moves."

She pauses again, considering.

"I saw him perform. The younger Dick. With his parents. I did not talk to them."
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X thinks about that for a little while, her hand pressing a little harder into Bruce's shoulder.

Eventually --

"You are not alone. In your mission."

It sounds so simple.

"There is me. Even if I do not work in Gotham."

Except if Bruce ever asks.

She falls silent again, just for a second.

"It is different. To be alone. All of the time."
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X is quiet for awhile, tangling her fingers with Bruce's.

"I do not know. I have not trained anyone to be like me, either. Even people who could."

This, too, is the truth.

"But there is you. And Elle. And Logan. And Milliways."

She does not frown. Much.

"I do not have to hide. All the time. It is -- "

What is the right word?

" -- good. I would miss it."

Here X resists biting her lip.

"Maybe he did, too. The you from Robin's world."

She doesn't really know. But maybe, if she had been alone long enough, X would have done the same thing.
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X offers a shrug, one-shouldered and quick. Who can really know why this other Bruce did anything?

But as for the other --

She studies Bruce's face carefully for a few moments, weighing her own words. Well, she tries.

"I trust Tomas. With my secrets. I know he keeps them."

She trusts Tomas' mother, too. But still.

"I kept many, too. When I was small."

This is also the truth, though maybe a less pleasant one.

"I do not know Robin."

X does not shrug this time, but what she says next feels like it is worth something. To her.

"But he did not talk. Until he knew about Batman. Here."
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"I do not know," X says at last. Does she sound a little helpless? Maybe.

Except --

"You are worried? That other people will try. If they know."

That could be problematic.
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"He was trained," X offers. Carefully. "By someone like you. It is an advantage."

The reverse is true, too, of course. If that ever becomes an issue.

She shifts position a little, enough to brush her fingertips against the nape of his neck, pressing down just slightly.

Just enough to make sure that they are both here.

(It helps her, at least.)

"I think it would be different. Now. For me."

This time she does bite her lip.

"I know I am a person. I think it is bad when people do not know that. About themselves."

She pauses again.

"But I think it is different. For you. And for Robin. You know you are people already."
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X considers that, thinking of the children she knows.

There is Robin, for one. And Dick, who is committed to the circus. There is Ingress, who has been a Herald-to-be almost her entire life. There are all the other teenaged superheroes that X has known.

And, of course --

"Some people are better with purpose. Like you."

She exhales. Carefully. Quietly.

"Like me."

If they can do it --
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"You should come to more Little League practices," X says, very seriously. "It will help."

And maybe it will be less fraught. And upsetting.

For Bruce.
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"Desensitization is an effective technique."

In case he was wondering.

One thing X does not reassure him of is that her Little Leaguers are not combat-trained.

Those whose parents allow it, that is.
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X looks dubious.

Very, very dubious.

It passes.


Speaking of okay --

"You will want help? With the cave. I am adequate at soldering."


"And my hands are smaller."

Wiring has got to be involved somewhere. It always is.
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X leans a little closer, frowning slightly as she studies him.

"You managed to shift position. Before."

And recently, too.

"Maybe bed will be better."

Plus, you know, the walk to the bed.

Even if X does not need a cooldown, working with Rachel and Ingress has demonstrated that humans usually do.
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"I will not forget," X says, shifting position one more time in case he requires (or just wants) assistance to stand.

It is a promise.

"I will not let you forget, either."

She might even tell Alfred.

Just for the additional assistance.