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Bruce Wayne ([personal profile] master_bruce) wrote2015-07-21 08:57 pm

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Bruce Wayne's parents were not murdered by Joe Chill, but by members of Hyrdra. As a result, Bruce joined SHIELD out of law school, obsessively working his way up the ranks (buying his way?) in order to use the organisation in his vengeance against the Green Skull.

Colonel Wayne is a cold-hearted man who definitely has no qualms about killing. He's single-minded and tough, Director of SHIELD, and tends to follow his own path rather than listen to advice. He was trained by Nick Fury, is friends with a crippled Tony Stark (idek), and is in a relationship with Barbara Hardy (Black Bat).

Please assume he's always been this version! He won't remember anything after Friday. He won't be open about his job, obviously, but much like Dick, it can be assumed that people might have made assumptions close to the truth by now. Feel free to assume previous conversations/knowledge about him, I'll go with it.

Slightly more detailed background info here.

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