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Bruce hadn't said much after he escorted Robin off the premises. He just wanted to go and work out. He's mad at the kid, mad at himself. And doesn't want to think about parallel worlds; alternate versions of himself that might be doing all this better.

It's a hard workout. Running, weights, the heavy bag. Weapons, and then sparring. X is a great training partner, and she's got no qualms about beating the crap out of him when he asks it. It's only when he hits the deck for the twentieth time, and finds he can't physically make it back up again, does he hold a hand in the air.

'Think I'm done.'

His mind's more clear than it was. It can only concentrate on the physical pain he's in. He's glad of it.
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The door brings them, as it usually does, to the main entrance hall of Wayne Manor. Bruce casually takes her hand, and leads her through a door to the East Wing. It takes them through a drawing room, a few smaller ones that all seem to be some kind of sitting room, heading south. Eventually, they end up in a room with a grand piano, and he nods at the wall of bookcases. 

'The cave's down there. You can see later, if you like. I put the suit in one of the gyms.''

For now though, through another door and down a long flight of stairs. The decor down here is cool and neutral, such as you'd find in the most exclusive of private health clubs. He opens an unmarked door, and stands aside to let her enter first.

There's a climbing wall on one side, various blocks and obstacles scattered over the vast open floor. Ledges are cut into the side of the far wall, spaced at such distance that most people would think impossible to jump across. By the door, and stretched along the near wall, is a bench on which various weapons and utilities are laid out. The whole place has obviously been set up as a testing area.

In the corner, the Batsuit stands in its clear perspex case. Bruce glances towards it, and then hits a security number on the door, so they can't be heard, or disturbed.

'I thought we should probably test its manouverability under pressure before setting weapons on it.'

In case, y'know. A gunshot blows a hole through it.

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Bruce likes X's apartment. Not that there's anything wrong with Wayne Manor per say, but it's hardly what one could call...intimate. It's home, and it's his parent's home, and it's the Wayne house, for all those who don't live there. It means things to different people, whether good or bad. 

For him, it's just a bit huge. Great when he needs space to work out, or build the Batcave, or throw elaborate parties. Not so great when you feel like watching a movie with your girlfriend. Somehow, the movie theatre there lacks the personal touch. It's far nicer to sprawl on the sofa in her apartment, and share popcorn (and occasionally get attacked by cats). 

Maybe Wayne Manor could use a cat. He's thinking it wouldn't make that much difference, though.
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The door opens onto the foyer of Wayne Manor. No Alfred this time though.

Bruce is dressed in a really good suit and he seems to wear it with confidence. There's a slightly different air to him as he holds the door for her, still himself but a little less unsure of things.

'Shall we?'

OOM: Date

May. 17th, 2010 10:35 pm
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He's more nervous about this than he'd care to admit. It's not helped by the fact that when the time came to go and meet X, he couldn't find a route to the bar. He'd resorted to opening every door in Wayne Manor and...well. It's a really big house.

Eventually, it was the front door that gave in and put him out of his misery. So he'd taken a breath and gone on through, dressed casually in jeans and a plain, untucked, white shirt and sneakers. It had taken a while to decide on what to wear because he had no way of predicting what she would wear and had guessed, in the end, that she'll opt for casual as well. Especially as they talked about sparring. And...caves. Maybe.

So, here he is. Jeans and combed hair, clean shaved and just a dash of expensive cologne, opening the door from Milliways onto the expanse of entrance hall that welcomes people to Wayne Manor.

There is also an Alfred, which he was not expecting. An enquiring look at his friend receives a silent reply of I know when you're getting ready to meet a young lady, Master Bruce, conveyed neatly with just the lifting of one corner of his mouth.

Bruce looks at X, slightly off-stride already.

'This is Alfred. Alfred, this is...X.'

If the man looks suprised at the name, nothing shows. He's far too professional for that.

'A pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Is there anything you require?'


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